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Sep 08, 2021
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What is computer shop management system project? Computer shop management system is a technique in which the user needs to enter all details about the order of products to be produced; total quantity of items; model numbers of products and many more things. In this system the user needs to specify the name of the manufacturer, model numbers of products and lots more things. The output of this technique will be the bill of materials and bill of sale. By this technique we can easily process several kinds of customers. In the Computer Shop management system project the bill of material is entered which consists of several fields like quantity of units; description of materials; count of units;, and lots of other descriptions. Then the user needs to specify the quantity of units which are requested by the customer. After entering all such information the user needs to click on submit button; and after this he will get the bill of sale. This billing process is completed only when the user clicks on submit button once again. All the above mention process mentioned above is completed by computer shop management system project. This software product enables you to process the bill of materials and the bill of sale through a single window. It displays the information of a particular product in different forms like graphs, pie charts, histograms etc. Moreover, it also allows the user to modify the layout of a particular chart or can add, remove, enlarge, or drop any chart from inside the window.
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