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I bought this cane for my 88 year old father who is a guitar player.  He had a stroke a couple of years ago and is limited in his mobility.  the cane is absolutely beautiful, and the details are amazing!  He was surprised by the gift, and immediately started “pretend playing” his new guitar.

I am so  glad I got this.  It is the most unique gift I could ever find, and no one is more deserving than my dad.  I will cherish the memories we will have from this amazing gift.   I can’t thank you enough for this incredible gift for my father.

A Satisfied Customer     from  Corpus Christie Texas


This is SO beyond words:

Larry, thank you for sharing your heart and soul and creative spirit, gifting those of us with mobility and balance issues an opportunity to bring an inquisitive BIG smile to those who see your exceptional artistic talents in person !  I have had a front row seat and a backstage pass to an incredibly extraordinary life! Truly, so very blessed am I ! My passion has always been to make a positive difference; helping someone reach their potential or simply acknowledging that one has a creative gift or talent are driving forces for me. I strive to educate and empower individuals of all ages to discover their creative talents and author the culture of their times.There really is no greater feeling than when you touch someone in a positive manner.. your unique Maxie Woodcrafts Custom Guitar Walking Cane does just that and elicits smiles from everyone; be they near or far! My Sister Tracey learned of you while doing an online search for “guitar canes” and gifted me with an exquisitely beautiful custom model!  You are indeed a consummate professional… an artisan of the highest caliber!  As someone who has been blessed with a lengthy career in the music business and has seen the incredible power and influence that music and song have on healing us, inspiring us, moving us, and uniting us…. I just may need to invest in a one-of-a-kind Maxie Woodcrafts Custom Guitar Walking Cane that is a PLAYABLE GUITAR; definitely a showstopper!  May you receive ALL of God’s blessings and enjoy much continued success in ALL your creative endeavors!  

All my best always,

Kelly Milionis from Indiana


Hello Larry,

My daughter bought for me as a gift one of your Guitar Walking Canes. I have been a musician my whole life, have an extensive guitar collection and they are part of my identity.

Everyone loves my cane including me! Everyone who sees it are compelled to tell me how great it is and how it defines me. Thank you , it’s awesome and part of me now.

Craig Staggs


My name is Bradley Lacell, and my brother Curtis Lacell, and my Mother, Deb Manford ordered a cane from you to give me at Christmas. It’s a work of art, an incredible testament to a standard of craftsmanship and detail often vacant from a world more concerned with digital technology and impatience.

I have been struggling with declining mobility, and steadily declining health. Going out, with a cane I had purchased from the drug store, although functional, it was boring, and contributed to my declining self-worth and dignity. I was always embarrassed by the need of a cane. My dignity and pride seemed to be in direct correlation with my declining health and mobility.

Until, I received a thoughtful gift from my Brother and Mother, made with obvious attention and care by your own hands. I get stopped everywhere I go now, not out of sympathy but by kind strangers everywhere to let me know how unique and beautiful my new walking stick is.

Not only, does this cane assist me while I am walking. It seems to have a little bit of miracle in it as well. Magic, that has helped with my dignity and pride. I now walk with my head a little higher, my back a little straighter and am honored to be a recipient of such an incredible and beautiful work of art.

Bradley Lacell      from Ontario Canada


This chest was a surprise gift from my long time friend Larry Maxie, while we were on vacation in Mobile Al. It’s called the Mini Max Chest.

Larry is such a talented guy  he can build anything! Thanks Larry what a great gift!

Tony Ray Jones    from       Nashville Tenn.    Part 1


Larry also made me a 1957 Guitar Cane! I had a 57 Chevy in high school and he matched the color of it very close. See the pic below of the car.

If you you’re wanting a one of a kind piece of art work Maxiewoodcrafts can do it! Larry thanks for bringing back a special memory for me with this cane, it’s something I will keep for a lifetime!

Tony Ray Jones   from   Nashville Tenn.  PART  2


I purchased one of Maxie Woodcrafts custom Guitar Walking Canes for my 86 year old neighbor and friend.

He and his family own a NASCAR short track race track and I was able to use their logo on the cane. It has been a big hit, people everywhere keep asking where he got it.

They were impressed with the novelty and craftsmanship of the cane. My friend said it’s not only functional but a real attention getter.

Made a great gift for a dear friend.

Thanks to Larry Maxie & Maxie Wood Crafts!

Payton Hillman    From   Fort Walton Beech Fl.


Having earned the title of Most Famous Athlete in the world, Sebastian Vettel, shared the most clearly stated judgement of Larry’s work:  “This is cool.”

At the 2013 US Grand Prix Sebastian and Mark Webber both took pleasure in signing one of Larry’s pieces of art.  Larry made my son and I a wood crafted frame and Grand Prix track layout that perfectly detailed the track layout.

We have taken great pleasure in having several other pieces of Larry’s in our home. A white chest takes center position in our entry living room and the kids have a treasure chest as a center piece in their rooms We take pride in showing them to every visiting friend  .

As a continued expression of Larry’s unusually amazing talent he created two different Formula One model cars using his wood crafting skills. We have these displayed for all guests to see in our Family Room. When we want a unique piece of art, Larry is a great resource for us and has never let us down    

Mike Boone      from    Austin Texas           PART     1

013 (2).JPG

Mike Boone

    This is the beautiful small chest Larry made fo my office at work . I display it proudly in my office att work.

Mike Boone

 Mike Boone                    PART   2

017 (3).JPG

    This beautiful trunk Larry made for my wife Amy. She has it displayed im our family room next to our fire place. Larry is so talented with his craftsmanship with wood . The detail on this trunk is superb. Thank you Mr Larry  

Mike Boone



 When we met over 50 years ago I was very much like your ELA kid. I went from fishing on the weekends, listened to Vin Scully, and fished at the end of the streetcar line at Santa Monica Pier.  I had a guitar that I had purchased for $5 bucks.  I practiced in my room day in and day out and then I found myself playing with this bank of great musicians.  I played the Fender Strat as shown in the picture with the East LA band known as Thee Counts.  I decided for our 50th Christmas together I would get a cane that duplicated the Fender Strat made to signify when we met and then were married just months later.  I hope she loves her Custom guitar walking cane by maxiewoodcrafts.

Don Viray     from   California      PART    1


God is so Good!  I so hope the Baby loves it.  We love Larry Maxie and his beautiful wife Pam White Maxie very much.  God has blessed us with their friendship.  When I first saw the pictures of the finished product on line I was amazed at the detail.  It was an exact copy of my first Fender Strat.  Its a gift like no other.

Don Viray     from   California        PART      2


 Okay for all of you who have a little stagger in your swagger, I want to give a little testimonial for a dear childhood friend and brother in Christ who has hand crafted an awesome guitar walking cane.

It doesn't matter the person, old or young, hip hop mom or pop, this walking cane will get people to stop and engage in a little conversation about your style and music.

I won this cane posting Maxie Woodcrafts products on the internet just to help a friend advertise a very unique item.  I don't need a cane but I enjoy and appreciate something beautiful made from wood.

Thanks Larry Maxie for being creative.

Love you bro in Christ, Donald Young

Donald Young


 I met Larry Maxie and his wife Pam a few weeks ago when thy visited my woodworking booth at our State Fair in Montgomery Al.  Larry was carrying a walking cane which immediately caught my eye.

The cane was shaped like a real guitar.  As a woodworker myself, I was impressed by the unique design and quality of his work.  I decided to check into buying ne of the canes as a gift for my family member.

Jimmy Prince   Member of Board of Directors      Scrollsaw Association of the World                      Part     1


 I was completely blown away when I saw his AWESOME inventory of several different styles of guitar canes.  To make a long story short, I bought one and then decided to buy a 2nd one for another family member.   However, before I left his showroom I bought a 3rd one for myself.  It currently hangs proudly in my living room for everyone who enters to join me in admiring this beautiful piece of woodwork art.

Larry's precision, high quality, and unique woodwork is unmatched by any I have seen. 

Jimmy Prince   Of Prattville Al. 

Member Board of Directors



 This young man lives in California . He needs the assistance of a cane to help him get around .He was just blown away with his custom order. This cane is so awesome says Yusuf !!  I get so many compliments daily and its really fun  haha. Just a few days ago I went to Chuckee Cheese Pizza and thid 3 year old kid came up to me and said "cool guitar" . I would highly recommend these canes.  I guarantee you'll have lots of enjoyment from them.

This cane is exactly what I wanted.  I get many compliments daily!  People are always very positive.  This is truly the Best Buy I've every made!

 Yusuf Amen        of    California

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