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Disclaimer & Policies

Policies and Warranties

These are one-of-a-kind pieces of art created from wood. This artwork is not a medical device and it has not been sold to you as a substitute for a medical device such as a mobility aid. Our artwork is not designed to be a personal protection device. If you have questions about assistive devices used for medical care, see your own Medical professional.

If you suffer from a debilitating illness such as arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome, you should consult with your medical professional before using your artwork as a personal accessory.

Return/ Warranty Policy

(1) Shipping damages.

Maxie Wood Crafts must be notified within five business days of receipt of any damage to the shipping container or its contents. Notification may be by email to You must keep any damaged merchandise in its original box as the shipping carrier may need to inspect the damaged item/s.

(2) Returns.

 All my crafts are a work of art. The only return police is only if damaged on shipping. Then you can make a claim on replacement . Packaging must be saved in case shipping company needs to inspect. We will need pictures of the damaged product . After the damage claim is complete we will  remake  your item.  Then ship it to you at no cost. Standard shipping within the US .    


Our Canes are pieces of artwork. The Artist warrants that the Guitar Canes are a one-of-a-kind, signed, and numbered work of art. The Buyer understands that the Artist created this original work of art to be enjoyed as a fashion accessory. We are not responsible for any accident’s or damage you may obtain while using the cane.

The Buyer understands that the artist is not a medical professional or any kind of trained professional to provide expert advice on the suitability of the piece of art.

Our Quality Commitment

All of our canes  are carefully selected, sanded and finished with detail. It usually takes about 16 hours to complete each cane or more. Custom canes may take longer and you can expect from 4-6 weeks wait.

Disclaimer for Cane Customization

I will do my best to honor customization requests but remember, this is a work of art, and as such will vary from pictures or ideal renderings. The work is done in trust. Therefore, the customer agrees to accept the product as is. No returns are allowed due to further customization preferences.

Warranty Disclaimer

Apart from warranting that this as an original work of art, this product contains no expressed warranty. The Artist specifically disclaims any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The Artist specifically disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability.

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