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About Maxiewoodcrafts

How We Got Here

 Living life each day with somewhat of a routine, I never imagined myself needing assistance to walk. One morning I woke up feeling really "fuzzy headed" nothing seemed normal. I had Larry drive me to work only to realize I had no memory of how to do my job that I had been doing for over three years. Long story short I was diagnosed  with Multiple Sclerosis. I was very fortunate that my husband had been creating the one of a kind guitar walking canes. He gifted me with one of his canes and I proudly strutted down the isles of the stores or where ever I  went without the feeling of being an OLD woman. These canes are created with so much thought and attention to detail. Anyone would be proud to own one of these canes.  They have given me the freedom to get out and enjoy life and have a little fun with it along the way. Folks always stop me and ask me about my really "Cool" cane.  It is such a Blessing to be able to watch the master cane maker at work. He spends anywhere from 40 to 50 hours making each cane. Each one is unique, numbered and signed. I pray you never get to a point in your life that you need the assistance of a cane but should you find yourself in that situation check out Maxiewoodcrafts and see about getting yourself a really "Cool" cane. 

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